This 18 year old genius made India Proud…


India has a population of 1.3 billion people, and many people have hidden & uncapped talent. While all we are already contributing our parts enough to the development of globe, the future seems much brighter with these young and hidden talents coming in the front.

An Indian student who is 18-year-old and whose name is Rifat Shark has made the country very much proud in global space and who designed a world’s lightest and legit satellite, which he has registered with the name of Kalam Sat, in respect of former Indian president and missile man APJ Abdul Kalam.

TOI spoke with Rifath who belongs to a comparatively unknown area called Pallapatti in Tamil Nadu stated that it would be a sub-orbital flight and after the launch, the mission duration will be 240 minutes, and the small satellite will operate during 12 minutes in a micro-gravity environment of space.

He said the satellite he created was selected through a competition which was called ‘Cubes in Space’, organised by Association of NASA and an organisation which is called ‘I Doodle Learning’.

The main challenge was to design an experiment which could be flown to space and will fit into a cube of four meters weighing exactly 64 gms.

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