Amazon delivery boy starts his own company, Earns one lakh every month !!!


Everyone needs everything delivered at his door without going through any troubles. After all, it is a fast-paced society we are living in. This is where e-commerce Goliath step in and ensure smooth online purchases for a customer.

Many startups have also started the picture as well offering food delivery services. Most of these are directly catering only to the urban corporate cities, transmitting many other cities uncovered. Recognizing this gap, Raghuvir Singh Chaudhary established a startup that provides snacks and tea delivery settings in Jaipur.

Hailing from Jaipur, Raghuvir originates from a poor experience. Owing to difficult economic conditions, he had to give up higher education after finishing his school. To earn business, he began working for Amazon as a delivery boy, where he was staying paid Rs 9,000 per month. Because he did not have a bike, he traveled by cycle to deliver at each customer’s doorstep.

Traveling by cycle would tire out Raghuvir, and he used to take often tea opportunities to unwind. Obtaining a good tea place would always be a challenge for him. He realized that there would be many like him who would fight to find good tea after a tumultuous day of work. This was the trigger for the idea after his startup.

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