This Body Transformation will Motivate you and Make you Run out of Excuses !!!


You must not remember this woman Amber Rachdi who lost more than 250lbs and changed her life by transforming into a hot chick. She initially weighed more than 600 pounds.

If you follow the show ‘My 600 Pound Life’, you’ll recognize Amber Rachdi story. And apparently, the first thing you’ll recognize is how utterly tragic it was. At just 23 she estimated 657 pounds, and it gave her feel like “a gross, yucky monster.”

In one of the scenes of her show, she had an eating disorder that made it remarkably difficult for her to stop eating, and severe anxiety was the cause of that disease. She said that she was feeling nauseated by the amount of food she practiced to eat, but she wasn’t able to prevent herself from doing that.

She was just five-year-old and weighed about 160 pounds, and since then the weight kept on piling up. For some strange reason, most of the fat and weight seemed to pile up on her legs.

One of her important issues was that her legs were too heavy to walk due to the weight. So for longer than a few minutes at a time, she couldn’t walk, and the only chance she ever left the house was when she needed to buy groceries.

But we have to comprehend Amber’s efforts. Even though she didn’t have a support order or someone that would support her she still lost weight and managed to lose 20 pounds.

Improving Further :

And Finally This is her Finaly Transformation which is unbelievable :




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