Countries that will be richer and poorer in 2018 !!


China: up 6.5%

China may not be experiencing the skyrocketing growth it enjoyed in the 2000s, but the economy is still expected to expand by 6.5% next year, with consumer spending ever strong.

Bangladesh: up 7%

Increasing consumer demand and a number of large infrastructure projects are fueling stellar growth in Bangladesh, with the economy expected to expand by 7% in 2018.

India: up 7.4%

The IMF expects the Indian economy to expand by an impressive 7.4% next year, thanks to a combination of increased public investment and rising consumer spending.

Italy: up 1.1%

The stagnating Italian economy is expected to grow by 1.1% in 2018, slightly down on this year but an improvement on 2016’s figures.

South Africa: up 1.1%

Real GDP growth, which slowed this year in South Africa, is poised to pick up in 2018, but the speed-up is only expected to be modest at 1.1%.

Japan: up 0.7%

Japan has been stuck in the economic doldrums for years, and the country’s financial fortunes don’t look like changing for a while yet if next year’s 0.7% real GDP growth rate is anything to go by.

Barbados: up 0.5%

Despite an increase in tourist numbers, Barbados will only experience modest growth next year according to the IMF, at just 0.5%.

Puerto Rico: -2.5%

Puerto Rico’s finances were already in a sorry state when Hurricane Maria hit in September, further damaging the economy, which is expected to contract by 2.5% next year.

South Sudan: -3.4%

Recent reports suggest South Sudan requires $1.7 billion (£1.3bn) in humanitarian aid to help it deal with the ravages of war, famine and a failing economy.

Venezuela: -6%

As if things couldn’t get any worse, the economic crisis in Venezuela is expected to deepen next year as hyperinflation kicks in, with the economy contracting by an estimated 6%.

Equatorial Guinea: -7.8%

Equatorial Guinea is expected to have the world’s fastest-shrinking economy in 2018. The country has been stuck in recession since 2013. The culprit? The ongoing low price of oil.

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