Finally Here’s a List of 10 Most Powerful Indians…


10.Ajit Kumar Seth: He is not a legislator or a businessman, he is the senior most civil worker, i.e., Cabinet secretary of India, who works under the PM of India and has status similar to attorney general and above the Chief of staff.

9.Rahul Gandhi-Rahul Gandhi is Vice-President of Indian National Congress party and holds full power over the party after the Congress President Sonia Gandhi, he is, however, the face of Congress.

8.Raghuram Rajan: Governor of Reserve Bank of India, he is one of the key people in financial and economic arrangements of India, his every decision has a huge impact on the economy of India.

7.Sonia Gandhi– Her party, might have suffered in the election but Sonia Gandhi is President of Indian National Congress Party which is in competition, and she still control powers in Parliament.

6.Arun Jaitely– Finance Minister of India, an influential leader of BJP and a confidential aide to PM Narendra Modi, He is the most assigned PM’s lieutenant. He is presently the Finance minister of India an important personality in Indian government.

5.Pranab Mukherjee– President of our country Pranab Mukherjee, before growing president of India he held a different place in Indian government and was a famous leader from Indian National Congress as President of India, he enjoys various power.

4.Mukesh Ambani–India’s Richest Person, Second Richest man in Asia and 22nd richest man in the world which makes him important.

3.Mohan Bhagwat-He is not in current politics, but he is the head of an Organization(RSS) who is famous in India and especially among the Hindus.

2.Amit Shah: President of BJP, presently the most powerful party in Parliament and a confidential aide to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he manages the most influential party currently which makes him the second most powerful person in India.

1.Narendra Modi– PM of India from a party with a clear preponderance in the parliament and before CM of Gujarat, is currently the most famous and popular leader of India is currently the most powerful Indian.

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