Gautam gambhir Came in Support of Indian Army with this Powerful Video ..


Gautam Gambhir has always been an outspoken person on national matters, especially the  Indian army, and we al know that he’s a true patriot from the bottom of his heart.

The cricketer has once again called out the whole India to unite and support the Indian Army. In a very powerful video, in association with Fever FM, he appealed everyone to end their ‘jhijhak’, or you can say hesitation, and go up to every army personnel they see and should thank them.

With a tape on his mouth in the video, he first asks questions whether people do love and respect their soldiers and then further poses a critical question that why don’t people get up to provide thank you for their service.

For the innovative campaign called ‘Jhijhak Ki Patti’, he posted a video encouraging everyone to share their selfies with army personnel who are in their uniform with a particular campaign hashtag.

See the video here :

Gautam has shown earlier also that he’s not just talkative but also backs his words with strong actions. Recently, he extending help in educating a few unfortunate children who happen to be kids of the 25 CRPF soldiers who lost their lives, that succumbed to their injuries. He even donated his prize money for winning the Man-of-the-Match for one of the IPL matches towards the same cause.

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