Mumbai’s dirtiest beach is now the cleanest beach with the help of 33 year old..


A picture shared on Twitter which shows Mumbai’s Versova beach, and it shows what difference it makes when citizens come in unity to clean their local body or beach.

Versova beach, which is located in north-western Mumbai, which is one of the dirtiest beaches of the city before the locals come together to clean up the dirt and filth. In 85 weeks, the beach underwent a massive cleansing – five million kgs of plastic and filth was cleaned — with the help of India’s richest civic branch, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation or BMC, and citizens in unity.

Leading the effort is a 33-yeard-old from Bombay High Court. Afroz Shah, when not on duty who is a lawyer, organises camps to clean the beach.  After success action with Versova, he plans to do the same with other beaches of Mumbai too.

“I always call on a date with an ocean. So when a person is on a date, you are mentally and physically at your best. And that’s what I do with any ocean stated,” Mr Shah told NDTV.

“I am visiting this beach place for the first time, and I find it cleaner than places like Juhu and many others,” her sister Ruchira added.

The United Nations is now going to officially join this citizens’ programme on World Environment Day and awarded Afroz Shah for his efforts.

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