You Will Crack into Tears After Reading this Story !!


Those who observed India’s separation with Pakistan have lived with quite undesirable memories of happy, fortunate families and empires falling to pieces. And even though sufficient has been said and written about the unutterable pain, every story bears its own set of discomforts.

Meet the 92-year-old Krishna Kumar Khanna, who turned up in Pakistan but was made to come to India when he was only 22 years old. Since then, one of his powerful yearnings has remained a journey back home, which just got fulfilled.

So after using 70 years in an alien land, Krishna, broke down in tears when he got to travel his country. “Men were no longer men, they had changed into beasts in both the sides of the border,” he said, in an interview with some news channel.

Exactly like they show in movies, Krishna was one of those who was forcefully compelled to find a home outside their home. He was one of the many who gave Pakistan to find refuge in India, which was equally dreadful at the time he came.

“I came to India lying on top of the train, trembling every time that I would fall and die. Well, death came calmly at that time – among all those who were traveling on foot, only a few survived.”

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